Exit 18

A guide to the construction outside Browns Bridge Church

browns bridge church exterior

Welcome to your source for all information on the new interchange under construction at Georgia 400 and Georgia 369 (eventually the new “Exit 18”).

Our goal is to provide answers to questions you may have in regards to how this new interchange will affect your experience on campus at Browns Bridge Church, as well as overall construction inquiries.

So let’s get to some commonly asked questions.

When will the overall project be completed?

We believe the overall project completion date is in late 2023/early 2024. Please note: different aspects of the new interchange will open at different times before that date. 

How are GA-400 and GA-369 changing?

GA-369 will now be a bridge over GA-400, allowing traffic to flow in all directions on both roads at the same time. Forsyth County’s Government Facebook Page is also a great source for the latest news. 

Project Overview

Why should I be excited about these changes that will result in Exit 18?

With regards to Browns Bridge Church, it’s going to allow for a much faster exit and overall smoother experience entering and exiting our campus. And for the community at-large, it’s going to alleviate a lot of the backups we’ve all experienced at the 369/400 intersection at all times of the day and night.

How will I get into Browns Bridge Church once this project is completed?
  • From 400 South: You’ll go under 369 onto the exit ramp and turn right onto 369 East at a new traffic light. From there, you’ll eventually turn right into BBC.  
  • From 400 North: You’ll go under 369 on the exit ramp. At the light, you’ll simply go straight through the intersection right onto the BBC campus.
  • From 369 East: You’ll drive over 400 and turn right into BBC.
  • From 369 West: No big changes here. You’ll continue turning left into BBC.

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Will there be detours in the next two years?

It's very likely. We will communicate any changes ahead of time through social media, this webpage, and stage announcements. 

Will there be changes inside the Browns Bridge Church campus in regards to traffic flow?

The top of our parkway will be shifting a bit but overall (across the current big lawn next to 369), our interior traffic flow and parking lots will remain the same. You’ll probably notice our “new” driveway being carved out across the big lawn close to 369.

Can you tell me why there’s a mountain of dirt in front of Browns Bridge Church right now?

This is a very popular question. Basically, that dirt will be used to create the new median on 369. Once the project is completed, our mountain of dirt will go away.

I have another question that’s not answered here. Who can I contact?

Please email Dave Tardella, Director of Ministry Services, and he’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.