Financial Mentoring

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someone to guide you to financial freedom

Managing money can be stressful. We have groups and mentors that can help you save more and pay off debt. Whether you’re facing financial strain or you’re ready to get a head start on managing your money, we can help.

MoneyWise Groups
Join a mentor-led small group where you will discuss the steps to getting out of debt, learn ways to spend and save wisely, and find margin to help you prepare for a better financial future.

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MoneyWise Mentoring

These one-on-one sessions with a mentor will help you develop a customized plan that’s right for you. They will also give you more confidence in managing your money and help you achieve a better financial future.

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Our MoneyWise Story

“We both brought debt into our marriage and struggled to pay it off. MoneyWise helped us get the knowledge we needed, the tools to stay on track, and the options that fit our unique circumstances. In only 11 months, we paid off $22,000 in debt. We are now debt free and have the margin to give generously.”